Vastu Report For Satisfying Sex

Ignite the passion, romance and love in your married life, by following the principles of vastu, which can affect the zones of marriage and relationship in your house. Vastu principles can work wonders for your life and relationships, and help you in developing a strong bond with your spouse. By following the principles of vastu, one can bring in vitality and freshness into their married relationships.

If you are feeling that you are losing your charm and the vitality of sex in your married relationship, you can get a consultation from the vastu experts, who would recommend some reorganization in the placement of certain things in your house. Bring in the lost vibes and enjoy a healthy married relationship with the help of some changes in the house through vastu. This ancient and traditional science creates a conducive environment in the house and helps you live a happy life with your married partner.


    Your bedroom is an important location in your house and has a major influence on your married relationship and sex life. Presence of a bedroom in the south or south-west direction of the house provides a lot of stability for the couple’s relationship. If you have a bedroom in the southeast direction of the house, it may give to flare up of tempers as this is the place for the Fire God. A bedroom in the north is considered best for young couples, but you should ensure that you do not sleep with your head facing north. West and northwest bedrooms are also good for a good relationship between the married couples. Vastu expert consultant, Mr.Shyam Atmaram will give professional suggestions, which can help you improve your relationship and sex life. His recommendations allow you to create a positive energy flow in your home, without any major structural changes. Trigger the latent passion in you by following the principles of Vastu.

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