Vastu Tips For Commercial Buildings

Home is where your happiness is, prosperity is in career and commerce. Designing, building and selecting commercial buildings from the Vastu angle of view greatly helps in prosperity and growth in life. Builders would do well to keep in mind all the points of Vastu shastra relating to commercial buildings to ensure prosperity for themselves and for the occupiers..

A few general Vastu guidelines state that the building should be located in the south or West side of the plot. Staircases should be placed in the Southwest, turning clockwise. A commercial complex should be fronted by lawns in the South and West and should have only tender, succulent plants, strictly avoiding thorny types. Toilets always occupy the Northwest or the Western corner. The land on which the commercial building is to be constructed should slope towards the East or the North. There should be more windows in the Northern and Eastern walls. The shape of the building is important.


Builders would do well to follow the guide that details everything relating to commercial buildings. These include roads, exterior shape and slope, beam placements, basement location, open spaces, placement of offices and showrooms, location of AC plant and other facilities including the toilet for a building to be Vastu compliant. Incorporating these guidelines in the building plan leads to overall prosperity for the builders as well as the businesses located in the complex. Where it is not possible to follow guidelines, there are remedies in Vastu. We provide detailed consultations and guidelines, personalized for you.

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