Vastu Report For Office Desk

Have been losing your power or authority at your work place? Lack of self-confidence sometimes can make your decisions falter. This indecisive state of mind could be because of weak vastu zones in your home. Vastu applications in your home can bring in more power and self-confidence both at home and at work place. One can be the recipient of many inherent rewards if the work place or home is designed as per the Vastu principles. Wield power and authority and turn the situations to react in your favour. Get an expert consultation from the Vastu experts and free yourself from bad-effects of such vastu dosha.

Some tips to help to create authority at workplace and home


When vastu principles are not followed correctly, there may be an imbalance in the state of mind, which results in bad decisions and lack of power. There should be a perfect balance in the atmosphere, which can give you the necessary power, recognition from the superiors, respect from your subordinates and a confidence to perform well at work. Presence of vastu dosh in the home of office space can affect your mind and you might not have the confidence to wield your authority. With the recommendations of the expert vastu consultant, Mr.Shyam Atmaram, you can boost your confidence levels, your power and authority is restored, and you will gain the respect and recognition from your peers. Vastu principles can help you grow and earn a respectable place in the society.

  • Face east or north when you work, as this is considered auspicious
  • Do not sit under a beam while working in your office
  • Clutter-free desk spaces are considered good
  • Sleeping with the head on the office desk is supposed to bring down the energy levels of a person
  • Face an open space while working, which will give you peace of min
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