Vastu Report For Fame And Glory

Fame and glory accrue to a person through his personality and his achievements in life and in society. Vastu has definitive gridlines and rules that help a person in his achievements by implementing the appropriate Vastu guidelines at home, in his personal life and in his workplace.

Major considerations are the North-east South-east and South-west directions in a man’s quest for prosperity, fame and glory. In Vastu shastra, the Northeast symbolizes the fluidic water element that ensures flow to development and progress along with peace of mind. The Southeast of the house should be balanced by having a kitchen there as an aid to speeding up progress. It is the location for fire said to accelerate upward movement towards achievements. The Southwest stands for the earth element, symbolizing stability and self-confidence, boosting decision-making abilities and leadership qualities in a man.


Vastu shastra consultation for fame and glory considers all aspects of an individual and his immediate surroundings like the house, workplace and family relationships that are again integrated with his zodiacal type and then a path is sought through these leading to fame and glory. When you consult us in your quest for achievements in life, we consider all such factors and give you the best guidelines for success.

  • Layout of your home
  • Your personal nature(100 words that describes you)
  • Your liking of colors
  • About your Relations and family
  • Health issues
  • Mentioning of Defects
  • There possible defects
  • Remedies without any demolition.
  • Personalized 10 tips
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