Vastu Advice For Vacant Plots

Knowing the principles of vastu before buying a vacant plot is essential. Though is it difficult to find a vacant plot with all the right principles of vastu, the defects in such a plot can be rectified with the expert suggestions from Mr.Shyam Atmaram. It is highly beneficial for the owner and the other members of the family, if the vastu defects are corrected before you start the construction activity.

Before purchasing a vacant plot, you should consider many vastu principles. A square or rectangular plot is considered to be good. Vastu principles suggest that the vacant plot should not be cut off in any of the four directions. As it is rare to find a plot that satisfies all the vastu principles, with good recommendations, the vacant plot can be converted into one with minimum defects.


Consider the elevation of the land. A plot with elevation in the western and southern parts can lead to a prosperous life for the owner. The higher the elevation in these areas, the higher is the chance of prosperity. A vacant plot located at the intersection of two roads that lead in the direction of north and east help in the creation of a pleasant life for the owner. Usually, you should prefer a land that has a flat level of ground. A land located on a previous burial ground or crematorium is not ideal for living.

Vibrations from a nearby power station or heavy electrical unit are not good for the inmates. If you want to prosper, do not buy a vacant land that is situated between two larger sites. If there is a bridge on the north or east side of the vacant plot, it is considered to be inauspicious. A large pit or valley on the side of the vacant land is also not good.

A consultation with Mr.Shyam Atmaram will allow you to minimize the defects of an already purchased plot. If you are yet to purchase a vacant plot, his recommendations will help you buy the perfect one possible.

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