• There are specific norms in Vastu shastra for locating the bedroom in a house, colours of the walls, placement of furniture, locating the beds and the attached bathrooms. The main bedrooms should always be in the South quadrant of the house, the master bedroom in the South-west and guest bedroom in the North-west. All other locations are undesirable. In a multi-storeyed house, Vastu recommends placing the master bedroom on the upper floor. Shape is also a decisive factor. Rectangular and square shapes are better for the bedroom and furniture.
  • Doors should be designed to open into the bedroom, located in the East, North or West sides. Windows to the North or East with a smaller window facing West is the ideal position.
  • One should sleep with the head in the East or South direction. Lockers should open towards the North and wardrobes should be in the South or West side of the room. Attached bathrooms should never face a bed and should always have the doors shut. For a happy married life, the dressing table and mirror are to be located in the North or Eastern portion of the bedroom. Where it is not possible to follow all guidelines according to Vastu, one can place pyramids and other energizers in strategic positions to promote harmony and peace. All these and plenty of precise instructions are detailed in the guide we give once you consult us.
  • Living room in any house is the first room that is visible to the guests entering the house. Everyone tries to make the best impression on the guests by making the best use of the space and decorating it with style and panache. But, just the decoration and plush interiors do not make your efforts fruitful. Implementation of vastu principles in your living room can bring about a lot of success, happiness and bonding among the various family members.
  • Living room in any home is an important place and can sometimes be referred to as the hub of the entire house. Housemates gather here for discussions, entertainment, have a get together and many other collective activities. A home is not just brick, sand and mortar, but is the heart of radiant energy that can have a profound influence on the lives of inmates.
    • Each material in the vastu living room including furniture, accessories, electronics and lighting has an effect on the energies present. The right placement of these objects according to vastu principles can help you lead a better life. Interface the terrestrial energies with celestial energies in the right way and provide room for consistent presence of contentment and happiness. The energies from gadgets, electronics, furniture and other bodies like pets should not interfere with the cosmic energies from the planets. The answer to good living lies in the balance of all these energies which ensures stability in the minds and health of the inmates.
    • Mr.Shyam Atmaram will adeptly study the structure of your living room and its various elements. He can thereby, suggest the best possible remedies for a perfect living. Use of proper vastu principles, products and energies can activate the environment and project a functional vitality in the house. Mr.Shyam Atmaram vastu expert recommendations let you find happiness and great bonding among all the members of the household.
  • Vastu teaches us that a kitchen is the hub that provides health and happiness to the people living in the house. When a kitchen is designed according to the principles of vastu, the inmates can live a peaceful and abundant life. Meals prepared with a positive attitude, transmit the positive energy through the food to the other members of the family. Good Vastu in the kitchen has a direct effect on the health of the family members. Kitchen has to be an efficient, safe, compact and comfortable place to cook in. Vastu considers the different factors when placed in the right places and directions ensure that the place is safe and transmits positive energy.
  • Vastu principles for the kitchens:
    • Some of the prominent determinants for a proper kitchen location are the direction, doors and windows placement, place for cooking gas and cylinder, placement of refrigerator, sink and other electronic gadgets, etc. Mr.Shyam Atmaram studies the directions and position of various objects in the kitchens and recommends the right placement through vastu principles.
    • Kitchen is the place where you use fire, and Fire God resides in the southeast direction. Ideally, a kitchen should be constructed in the southeast direction. Among the five basic elements of Nature, fire is considered to be very powerful. Vastu understands that this powerful element of fire needs careful utilization. Fire has the capability to burn, polish or strengthen our inner being, depending on its use and placement in the house.
    • If you have already constructed your house and need suggestions to apply the principles of Vastu, Mr.Shyam Atmaram can suggest some modifications within the house, to eliminate the bad energies. His experience and knowledge allow him to make suggestions without any demolitions or structural changes and minimum expenditure.
    • Vastu for kitchens helps you harness the energy from the natural elements present around us like the heat, light, gravitational and magnetic forces, etc, to bring peace and harmony to the life of all inmates.
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