Vastu Report For Bathroom And Toilet

In ancient times, the bathrooms and toilets were kept separate from the house. However, today, toilets and bathrooms are integrated into or office, with South-east being next preferred location. A toilet or bathroom, according to vastu, is never located in the center or in the North-east location of a building and it should always be kept at a higher level. Even within a bathroom or toilet the commode should be in the South, West or North-west side of the room with the person sitting on it facing the North or South. A bathtub should be positionaned so a person in it faces South. Mirrors are placed only the North and East side walls.

Vastu is also very specific in placement of doors and windows in bathrooms and toilets, the East or West being better locations for windows and the East or North for the doors. Vastu also influences the choice of colours where lighter shades are considered propitious.


It may not be possible to have everything according to Vastu in bathrooms and toilets and accordingly Vastu offers energizers that can be strategically placed to correct imbalances and improve the situation. All these are covered in extreme detail in the report we will generate for you once you consult us and that should certainly help you attain harmony and prosperity in life.

  • Layout and location of the toilet
  • Your personal nature(100 words that describes you)
  • Your liking of colors
  • About your Relations and family
  • Health issues.
  • Mentioning of Defects
  • There possible defects
  • Remedies without any demolition
  • Location of looking glass
  • Location of the toilet pot.
  • Location of the shower.
  • Location of the wash basin.
  • Location of the dust bin.
  • Slopes.
  • Color of the bath/toilet room.
  • Decoration of the toilet.
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