Vastu For Wealth And Money

Complimenting your home with the right vastu can bring about peace and harmony in many ways. Alleviate your stress and strain, and make a successful living with a positively encouraging flow of wealth. Vastu and Wealth work well synonymously with each other. In today’s world, wealth and peace of mind are the two most important factors that have become the priority of everyone’s life. Vastu helps you support the construction of your home according to the right placement of things in directions that support good flow of wealth.

Your good fortune can be triggered by the use of vastu principles, which allow the flow of energies in the right directions. Enhance the good energy in your house by using the right positioning of objects according to vastu and lead a prosperous life. Use the positive cosmic forces in the right manner and increase your wealth, prosperity and the overall well-being. Amazing vastu tips from the established vastu authority, Mr.Shyam Atmaram can improve your financial position and help you lead a fulfilling life.

  • Vastu principles can be implemented in the right way to lead a blissful life. This will facilitate financial gains, peace of mind and prosperity.
  • Kuber is the God of Wealth and his position in the house determines the financial position of a household.
  • Kuber lives in the north direction, and hence flow of positive energy in that direction is extremely important. The presence of a worship or pooja room in the northeast corner of the house helps in the flow of good energy. Care must be taken to keep this place clean and open at all times. Money flow can be obstructed when the east and north directions of the house are blocked. Blockages to the entrances with wires, pits, or poles can obstruct the entry of wealth.
  • For a detailed analysis and recommendations, talk to Mr.Shyam Atmaram and lead a fulfilling and prosperous life.
  • Layout of office/shop
  • Nature of business
  • Your personal nature(100 words that describes you in business)
  • Your liking of colors
  • About your Relations and family
  • Health issues
  • Achievements
  • Mentioning of Defects
  • There possible Effects
  • Remedies without any demolition
  • Files placement location.
  • Cash locker location
  • Color themes according to the profession or nature of business.
  • Furniture Placement
  • Energy analysis of the house stating the location of negative and positive energies.
  • Ten special vastu tips.
  • Tailor made solutions for the problems.
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