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What is vasthu?

Our saints and emperors knew about all the five elements of the universe and their special characteristics and influences such as earth's magnetic field, gravitational impact, etc., such as galaxies in the sky, wind direction and velocity, habitat, prayer, entertainment, education, proper planning of buildings for work And for the benefit of mankind in production, its Ultra Violet and Infra Red Rays, Rainfall Volts Light and heat from the sun, including the effects of amm and intensity etc. , Production and other purposes They developed scientific methods and systems, and for many years limited them as 'Vasta Shastra'. Our Saints discovered it; We are just doing research and making concepts.

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Our Best Product

Personal Vastu Consultancy By Email

Are you busy with your programs? Are you away from our office?

No worries, we can help you online, fill your details and provide us your construction sketch and our team will respond you in a very quick time.

Report for Email Vastu Includes

  • Mentioning of Defects in layout
  • There possible effects
  • Remedies without any demolition
  • Locations of your furniture and other important things.
  • Colour themes according to the profession or nature of business.
  • Energy analysis of the house stating the location of negative and positive energies. This is done from the intuitive nature of Mr.Shyam Atmaram
  • Tailor made solutions for the problems
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